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Free day on Twinkl - download everything you want for free
These days only come up pretty rarely - great for teachers, homeschoolers, parents of school age kids that want to give their kids extra school type activities, or if kids need a bit of extra help in a particular subject or area.

It's free for the entire day and you can download as little or as much as you want

From 12 am on Tuesday, 29th August through to 3 am on Wednesday, 30th August (AEST) we are giving you the opportunity to download anything you like FREE!

That means you’ll have full access to our range of primary and secondary resources, complete schemes of work, lesson plans, phonics programs, decodable readers, and so much more!

Our Free Days are an opportunity for you to experience a taste of our Ultimate membership. So whether you’re already a Twinkl member or looking to introduce a friend to our great range of resources, be sure to sign in to your current Twinkl account or register for a free Twinkl account and get ready to experience everything that Twinkl has to offer!

Simply click here to sign up for a free account.

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