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Free tickets to the Go Green Expo in November
Your favourite sustainable lifestyle show is back in 2022!

The Go Green Expo is now in 5 cities across NZ.
Select your city of preference below to claim your free tickets now!
*No Vaccine Pass required for entry
Get your FREE tickets below!

[Image: 79909e6e8d18c94c3c5dd5899a3ce49ec677e4b6.png]

[Image: e3f4d69894a5693c17e2500b000c1e14899ac012.png]

[Image: e24fb2ca6c2425d04d1e214028aed22ecd29bdc0.png]

[Image: 783b9eafb75ce6b4867e4308bb83e2bda54ce149.png]

[Image: 587159f12dbe7455d327919d3f59f6bb9203d3da.png]


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