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I won!
I have just started entering competitions 3 weeks ago and have just had my first win.... a skincare pack (value $230). I am so excited. What is everybody's biggest win???!!
Here you are, Loueeezo. My biggest wins over $1,000

Month       Source                Prize                                                                                            Value$

Jan-2008 NZ City                 Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump - installed                                           $2,800.00
Mar-2009 Grownups             Comprehensive financial consultation - Plan B                                   $1,500.00
Oct-2015 NZ Herald              Fisher & Paykel washing machine and dryer                                      $2,798.00
Jul-2017  Horizon Research   Cash                                                                                            $2,199.00
Apr-2018 The Country          Two days in Hokitika/Greymouth for Agfest, plus flights & accom        $2,000.00
Apr-2022 New World             Bosch free-standing 60cm Stainless Steel SMS4HVI01A Dishwasher    $1,321.21

Total value of all my wins, survey rewards, etc, since 2008 just under $89,000, or average of just under $6,000 each year
Congratulations Loueeezo Big Grin 

Awesome wins Azpen!!  Heart Heart 

Trying to think of what my biggest have been 

I have won a night at Sky City Grand Hotel with breakfast, dinner voucher and lunch voucher 
A years worth of Ecostore soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser
A few different types of alcohol prizes
Hair curler 
Botox Brunch - ZM years ago - that was an amazing day, picked up and dropped off, lovely day at a spa, lunch with Polly, and botox

I haven't won anything really big like a car or an overseas holiday yet

Soon to come wins - my biggest win will be the Heineken $100,000 home deposit which will be drawn in just over a week  Heart

I have a long list of wins... I've been entering comps for years.
A few of my biggest wins - $1000 Prezzy card, $1000 Cash, a couple of cellphones

Excuse me Jo.... the Heineken Home Deposit has my name on it
Thank you so much Azpen, Jo and Gonzala for taking the time to reply! You guys have won some really neat prizes and was fun to read! Makes me want to keep on trying for something big! Cough cough (the $100,000 from Heineken).
Great prizes won by all of you - my biggest win was a laptop years ago, but hard to handle when it was stolen within a few days of getting it.. apart from that I have won books, CDS, DVDs, Plant containers and many other things over my time entering competitions.

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