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I won!
I have just started entering competitions 3 weeks ago and have just had my first win.... a skincare pack (value $230). I am so excited. What is everybody's biggest win???!!
Here you are, Loueeezo. My biggest wins over $1,000

Month       Source                Prize                                                                                            Value$

Jan-2008 NZ City                 Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump - installed                                           $2,800.00
Mar-2009 Grownups             Comprehensive financial consultation - Plan B                                   $1,500.00
Oct-2015 NZ Herald              Fisher & Paykel washing machine and dryer                                      $2,798.00
Jul-2017  Horizon Research   Cash                                                                                            $2,199.00
Apr-2018 The Country          Two days in Hokitika/Greymouth for Agfest, plus flights & accom        $2,000.00
Apr-2022 New World             Bosch free-standing 60cm Stainless Steel SMS4HVI01A Dishwasher    $1,321.21

Total value of all my wins, survey rewards, etc, since 2008 just under $89,000, or average of just under $6,000 each year
Congratulations Loueeezo Big Grin 

Awesome wins Azpen!!  Heart Heart 

Trying to think of what my biggest have been 

I have won a night at Sky City Grand Hotel with breakfast, dinner voucher and lunch voucher 
A years worth of Ecostore soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser
A few different types of alcohol prizes
Hair curler 
Botox Brunch - ZM years ago - that was an amazing day, picked up and dropped off, lovely day at a spa, lunch with Polly, and botox

I haven't won anything really big like a car or an overseas holiday yet

Soon to come wins - my biggest win will be the Heineken $100,000 home deposit which will be drawn in just over a week  Heart

I have a long list of wins... I've been entering comps for years.
A few of my biggest wins - $1000 Prezzy card, $1000 Cash, a couple of cellphones

Excuse me Jo.... the Heineken Home Deposit has my name on it
Great prizes won by all of you - my biggest win was a laptop years ago, but hard to handle when it was stolen within a few days of getting it.. apart from that I have won books, CDS, DVDs, Plant containers and many other things over my time entering competitions.

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