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#PinAMillion win a share of 1,000,000 Airpoints Dollars™️ ✈️✨ - Air NZ Competition
Air New Zealand Competition

Are you ready to #PinAMillion Aotearoa? 🇳🇿 Play the online game or find a local event near you, and be in to win a share of 1,000,000 Airpoints Dollars™️ ✈️✨ Find out more here:

We're excited to see Kiwis spreading their wings again and embarking on new adventures across the world. To celebrate we're giving you a chance to win by putting your knowledge of Air New Zealand's destinations to the test throughout August as part of our Pin a Million giveaway.

Take part by joining one of our local events, or playing online. Follow the clues and be in to win! Play online and be in to win the daily prize of 5,000 Airpoints Dollars, or you could win a 500 Airpoints Dollars spot prize. If you're taking part at a local event there is a prize of 10,000 Airpoints Dollars up for grabs at each location, or you could win a 500 Airpoints Dollar spot prize. You can find more information and FAQs below.

Local events
Coming to a town near you
Coming to a town near you
From 1 – 11 August, we'll be visiting all 20 of Air New Zealand's domestic ports, but you'll need to follow the clues to find out where we'll be hiding. Check out our Facebook Events page for more information, and stay tuned to The Hits in your region.
Don't forget to enter this daily!
There is a new clue each day

They are actually pretty easy clues too!

Today's clue
My main feature resembles a zebra, and I'm the busiest of my kind, helping over 3000 people who are all Crossing at once.
Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone know the answer for today's clue?

"I’m famously known by 3 little letters, a place where people can score a 6. But there’s nothing little about the crowds of over 100,000 people I have gathered."
I would have thought somewhere in NYC, but I have no idea what "scoring a 6" could be. Thanks Smile
Oh yes that is a harder one!

I've managed to work out everyone except todays - so I asked chat gpt and got an answer which sounds like it's correct Smile (fingers crossed)

Based on the clue provided, it sounds like you're referring to the iconic sports venue "MSG" or Madison Square Garden located in New York City. It's known by its three-letter abbreviation, hosts various events including basketball games where players can score six points with a single shot (three-pointer), and it's famous for hosting events that attract massive crowds of over 100,000 people.
Oh Sad Got yesterdays answer wrong - the answer was: Melbourne - MCG - Melbourne Cricket Ground
Todays answer I got Uluwatu temple - hopefully it's right!
Today's clue
I’m a temple perched on the top of a steep cliff projecting into the sea, and I’m home to cheeky monkeys and the Kecak fire dance.
Todays answer I got: Mount Fuji

Today's clue
Of every mountain in the world, my silhouette could be the most iconic. One artist painted 36 views of me, making him famous at home and abroad.
Today's clue
In 1969 I became the first radio wave tower in my country, and to this day I’m still the second highest point in my city.

Todays answer I got: N Seoul Tower
Today's clue
My twisted, glassy façade is inspired by a Rubik’s Cube, did you know? And you’ll find me on Australian land, where grapes for wine grow.

I got: The d’Arenberg Cube
Today's clue
My seven acres of lush vegetation sit in the South-East of a nation that’s 32km around. Founded by Hinano Macquarie, I also make a wonderful wedding location.

Answer I got: Maire Nui Gardens in Rarotonga

It actually didn't come up on the search bar for the entry (unlike all the others) - so I just went Rarotonga and then once there I found it - bottom right of Rarotonga

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