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#PinAMillion win a share of 1,000,000 Airpoints Dollars™️ ✈️✨ - Air NZ Competition
Today's clue
A tiny capital city with picturesque chasms nearby, I'm still a great way to make over 600 new friends.

Todays answer (thanks Azpen Big Grin ) - I believe the answer for today is Alofi, the capital city of Niue, which I understand has a population about 600 and some chasms nearby.
Forgot to enter this one last night till just before 11 - by the time I found the answer and found it on the map it just turned 11pm and then they said it was closed for the day Sad

So if you are entering you only have till 11pm each day - not midnight!

Today's clue
With over 200 thatched huts, I'm keeping a Fijian style of building alive.

This one I'm not 100% sure about - but I got Bulou's Eco-Lodge - I found it on the map by putting in Navala Village Rd, Navala, Fiji
Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd share my experience about the Pin a Million clue yesterday. I usually do the clue early in the morning before work. MY clue yesterday was something along the lines of "I was originally from France but now live 24kms south of Noumea. My bright light used to guide people to my land." There was another little line but I can not remember. So I was quite surprised when I checked today and the clue is completely different! I wonder what happened and when they changed it? I feel a little cheated to be honest - I hope my guess was still counted, but I doubt it. I'll make sure not to do them in the morning anymore just in case they change them in the day.
Yes, this PinAMillion Competition is a bit weird as the clue's only start again for the day at 7am - and you only have till 11pm to submit your answer.

I wonder if you saw the clue before 7am before work?

If so, that would explain it.

I don't know why they can't just go up till midnight and then change the clue Wink It would make it better Big Grin
Today's clue
The world's heaviest wave is what I use to impress, the world’s best surfers gather to me in hopes that they’ll have surfing success.

Answer thanks to Azpen today Big Grin
Answer today, Teahupo’o in Tahiti, I believe.
Today's clue
Left by Mt Matavanu’s eruption 118 years ago, I’m a popular place visited by many, who try catch a glimpse at the five villages that lie beneath me.

Todays answer - thannks Azpen Big Grin Sale'aula Lava Fields, Samoa
Today's clue
You can see "foxes" hanging from my koka trees, or watch the lakalaka against sunset from my village shores.

Answer - it's somewhere near the shore in Tonga, but not 100% sure where. It could be any of the villages near the beach
lucky dip Tongue
Today's clue:
Named after a shape and a unit of measurement, I’m one of my city’s most famous spots, where you can find bright lights, busy streets and world-famous bagels.

Answer I got:
Times Square New York
Todays Pinamillion clue
My city made famous by the phrase “we have a problem,” here you can learn all about the stars and planets above.

My answer = Houston Museum of Natural Science (They have Burke Baker Planetarium there) - but actually, I think my pin might be a little high, you can probably put in Burke Baker Planetarium and get slightly closer to the actual Planetarium there Wink

Good luck Smile
oops - yesterday was Huston Wink - But was Houston Space Center

Today's clue
Out of all the beaches in Hawaii, I am the most famous with people coming from near and far to lie on my golden sand.

Answer, thanks Azpen Smile Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is my guess today.

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