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#PinAMillion win a share of 1,000,000 Airpoints Dollars™️ ✈️✨ - Air NZ Competition
Todays Pinamillion clue:

No longer in use, my cells once housed the baddest of them all, now by boat you can come and walk my empty halls.

Answer, thanks Azpen Smile - Alcatraz
Today's clue
One of the most famous signs in the world, I look over a city where movies are made and stars are found.

Pretty easy answer today! The Hollywood sign Wink
Stealing Jo's thunder today, as no post from her yet Wink

Clue: When in Vancouver, I’m the biggest you’ll find, covering 405 hectares of land for people to walk, run, fish and bike.

Vancouver, Stanley Park

Thanks Azpen Big Grin

I forgot yesterday and only remembered just after 11pm Undecided

Todays clue: Even though I have a name you’ll know me by another. I take the shape of a food that you’ll find in a can, although you’ll find me at Millennium Park.

Todays answer is Cloud Gate (nicknamed The Bean), Millenium Park Chicargo
Today's clue
You'll be seeing me Double in the only mountain range in NZ that faces perfectly north. Pretty Remarkable right?

Todays answer: I got The Remarkables - though wasn't 100% sure where to put it there, so decided to go for The Remarkables ski area Queenstown Wink
Today's clue
Although I am named “lake”, I am actually a volcano’s crater, and at 616km2 I’m the biggest around here.

Answer I got: Lake Taupo 😃
Another easy one today

Today's clue
For 121 years, I’ve moved along the tracks, connected by cables. My bright red exterior has become quite an icon of my big, Kiwi city.

Answer I got: Wellington Cable Car Big Grin

Last day tomorrow already Confused
Today's clue
I stand tall with a torch held high, welcoming travellers to a new world and new city

Todays answer was a nice easy one Big Grin - Statue of Liberty

Has been fun playing Pin a Million Big Grin - today is the last day Sad - make sure you get your entry in before 11pm Wink
Looks like there is one more day, Jo.

Clue: Pier out at the Pacific Ocean from the top of an iconic 1920s-style carousel.

I chose "Ocean Park, Santa Monica"
Oh yay!!! Heart Heart

Thanks Azpen Big Grin Big Grin

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