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Sites with new comps 10 Feb 2024
Here are some sites with unposted online competitions.
Romantic trip for two to Queenstown
Weekend Escape to Ōhope Beach’s Local Wild Food Festival
Personalised Dining Experience at Inca in Ponsonby
Double pass to Ripe being the Wanaka Wine and Food Festival
Double pass to Warbirds over Wanaka (Win this and the previous comp and it would just about be worth travelling to Wanaka!)
Win a book
Tickets to May December
Some texting comps
Whenever You’re Ready (Closes today), Your Utopia (Closes 11 Feb)
Be Kind to Your Mind, Darkness Runs Deep, The Dragon Who Lost His Spark
double pass to SZA | April 2024
John Deere factory tour in the USA
“Mingle” seasoning pack
Lots of new comps from “$150 Hippo Blue voucher” onwards to “Tasti Snack Pack or thereabouts
Thanks azpen x
Thanks Azpen Smile The trip to Queenstown would be amazing!

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