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Sites with new comps 23 April 2022
Here are some sites with unposted online comps
The Breeze’s Mother's Day Reconnection
Upcycled Grain Project products, Downton Abbey, Epic Ironclad Prize Pack
Bondi Blades home dermaplaning starter pack, Straightface razor gift set
A Queen of Our Times, The Most Important Job in the World, City of Vengeance, Double Pass to Downton Abbey: A New Era
Penguin Books Mother’s Day pack valued at $256
Penguin Books Mother's Day pack
Nine new comps from “Candlelight Delight gift sets from Anoint” to “Simple Wholefoods cookbook”
OmniEye on-farm herd management camera system worth over $15,000 (I wonder what else we could use it for?)
Verve Mother’s Day Giveaway
Thanks so much azpen
Thank you

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