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Sites with new comps 3 Feb 2024
Here are some sites with unposted online competitions.
Worm farm bin
Ooni’s Koda 12 Portable gas pizza oven (only certain regions), Pack of Pause for tea
Tickets to the Ellerslie car show
Bob Marley One Love, Madame Webb
The Beehive, Your Brain Is a Lump of Goo, How to Avoid Being Eaten By Sharks, On a Bright Hillside in Paradise, Birds: A Field Guide
The Italian Marriage, The Unfinished Business of Eadie Browne,
Madame Web
Funny Kid – Snowballs
The Dragon who Lost his Spark, KIWI design SPC Battery Strap, Big Little Blue #3 - Double Dippers, Guess How Marion Feels
Daniel O'Donnell Live on his 2024 Aotearoa Tour
Girls Need Love with Souled Out! 9Nominate someone)
New comps from “The Convert double pass” to “Be Kind to Your Mind by Julia Grace”
Prize pack to experience photographer of the year at Auckland Museum

Earthbeat festival
Katikati Twilight Concert
Words of Love chocolate collection
The Littlest Lifeguard, Madame Web
Private day charter with Silver Wave, Hailwood necklace and earring, Splore festival, Chateau Royal
Thanks azpen x
Thanks Azpen Smile The Private day charter with Silver Wave would be amazing!
As always - thank you. You’re a star.

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