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Starz soft drink $2500 trip
Buy 12 of the big 1.25 litre bottles (over several purchases) and win a $2500 trip to either Samoa, Fiji or Tonga. Drawn 30 December. You have to post proof of purchases to before that date.
That’s the tricky part - you need a friendly dairy owner who can print you something that shows product and dates - when most dairies don’t have a cash register that does this. Take a pic of receipts with your phone and attach it to the email.
Worth a try if you can get it organised.
I found the same with the Kapiti Ice Cream competition. I emailed them to ask if I should keep my wrapper or how will they know as dairy doesn't give receipts, they said it's ok if you just purchase using your card at dairy and then can show proof of the transactions. Other option I that would be pretty funny is take a photo at the counter each time you buy it Tongue

Good luck, a trip to Samoa, Fiji or Tonga would be amazing!!
Because a photo on your phone is date stamped that is a good suggestion. Thanks

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