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The Hits Cash 'n' Car is back - Win a car - brand new ŠKODA KAMIQ Monte Carlo
The Hits Cash 'n' Car is back! Win a brand new ŠKODA KAMIQ Monte Carlo worth $45,990 and thousands of dollars in your account.  Heart

Just guess how much cash we’ve stashed in the ŠKODA’s boot and drive it home along with all that money.

You can play at 8AM, 11AM, 3PM and 5PM weekdays. When you hear the activator, call 0800-THE-HITS. 

Correctly guess the cash amount that’s in the car to the cent to WIN. 

Plus, think you know what the cash amount in the car is, but can't get through on the phones? Register your guess and if your guess is correct, you're in the draw to win $1,000!

Want to skip the queue to take your guess? Every weekday at 11am we could be calling YOU.

Submit your guess with your phone number at any time as a voice note on the iHeartRADIO app - download it here if you haven't already and watch our explainer video with Cash Keeper Alex!

Good luck  Big Grin

If you want to see the incorrect guesses so far here is the list ...
Finally, a car competition! Yeeeha!

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