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Weird workaround with copy and paste posts

I have just noticed, writing posts on this editor works well but copying and pasting from a site doesn't - apparently only affects Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users

There is an easy fix though luckily - once you copy and paste info from another site the writing will show up really weird and small if you leave it like that so...

- Highlight all writing that you have pasted in 
- Then click the A- button twice in the text editor above (next to the colour picker) - for me, I found I had to click the A- button twice for it to work properly

That takes away the formatting and then it shows like normal Smile

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Hi, Jo - i found the same issue when copying and pasting from a Word document too, but I simply highlighted and deleted the formatting text before pressing submit.

Good to know about the "A" button though thanks.

Oh cool, I wasn't sure how you had posted but good to know there are 2 ways Big Grin 

I edited the above post now to add that after highlighting I press the A- button twice, otherwise for some reason if I push it only once only half the words go properly Tongue
Yay I think I have finally solved this Big Grin

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