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Win an EPIC LawnMaster pack - Mitre10 - Facebook - closes 10/04/22
WIN! It’s garden maintenance season & Power Garden Tools make everything easier. 

So, we've got this EPIC LawnMaster pack up for grabs, all 58 volts for green cutting power! [Image: 1f4aa.png][Image: 1f4aa.png][Image: 26a1.png][Image: 1f333.png][Image: 1f332.png][Image: 1f3e1.png] Just tell us which tool you'll use first to be in to win the lot. Heart

Prize includes:
Lawnmaster 58v 18inch lawnmower kit
Lawnmaster 58v chainsaw Kit
Lawnmaster 58v blower skin
Lawnmaster hedge trimmer skin
Lawnmaster Brushcutter skin
That's $1855 worth! [Image: 1f381.png][Image: 1f4b0.png]
Entries close midday 10/04/22

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