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win a 5KG box of Cherries Hyundai Country Calendar Competition closes 24 November
This week NZ0 is giving you the opportunity to win a 5KG box of their delicious, crunchy, climate-conscious cherries.

NZ0 is a high-density cherry orchard in Central Otago, New Zealand that operates without burning fossil fuels. They believe they are the first commercial food grower in New Zealand (if not the world) to achieve this goal.

The climate is a key focus in what they do, and NZ0 believes New Zealand's future as a food-producing nation will excel with the ability to grow and produce food in a highly sustainable and climate-friendly way.

The competition winners will be announced on our Facebook Page and via email on 24th November, so keep an eye out for the announcement. The winners will be contacted using the details supplied in their entry.

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