Full Version: Win $100,000 Hunt for the Hundy Trade Me Daily Competition for next 31 days
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Trade Me Competition
Hunt for the Hundy
What would you do with $100k?
For the next 31 days we’ll be sharing a daily clue to help you find a different iconic Aotearoa landmark listing, hidden on Trade Me Property.

Find and Watchlist the landmark listing of the day and you’ll automatically go in the draw to win $100k cash.

Every landmark Watchlisted is an entry in the draw. And with a new landmark listing everyday for the next 31 days, that's 31 chances to win!

Sounds like fun Heart

Starts today!
In the heart of Tāmaki Makaurau, it stands so high, your first clue waits where the skyline touches the sky.\\

Something to do with Sky City
agh 91 results in a search of Sky City in Auckland Town Centre on Trade Me
I ended up finding last nights one and entered just in time

It was

If you check the photos there is an AI one with the building through the clouds next to Sky City building

So looks like that is the kind of thing we are looking for (I was expecting a yellow $100,000 picture in one of the photos)

In the Southern Alps where the heights are steep, find your next clue at Aotearoa's highest peak.
Oh wow, todays one was much easier to find!!

The highest peak in the Southern Alps is Aoraki

Go to TM Property and search Aoraki

There are only 4 listings and the first 2 listings are bright pink saying congratulations you have found it Big Grin

To enter, watchlist that listing Wink (I just watchlisted both as there were 2)
Where Waipoua Forest whispers stories untold, seek the ancient kauri's secrets, centuries old.

I searched under Waipoua Forest (6 listings) and Tane Mahuta (4 listings) but couldn't find todays one Sad I just watchlisted all of those ones on the off chance Tongue
Bit late today!

Where orange towers and fun does embark, find the adventure park with a carrot as a spark.

That will be Ohakune as that has the carrot park. But just had a check under Ohakune on TM and no pink you have found the winner listings in there Sad mmm, do I look through the photos of all of them or just watchlist them all Tongue

You don't need to search through or watchlist loads of random real TradeMe listings. The correct listings for the competition are all bright pink custom pages similar to this one, so they are very easy to spot ... if you can work out the right words to search for the location from the clue:

[Image: SnnLxIr.jpg]

Probably too late now for today's answer, but the page for Sunday, 12 November is Tongariro National Park

Awesome, thank you Oompa Loompa Big Grin
Today's clue (Monday, 13 November): "In Dunedin's embrace, where ideas aglow, discover the place where intellects grow."

Search for "Dunedin University".

Today's answer: University of Otago.

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